Dive Leader Partner Program: A Partnership That Works For You

How does the DLP Program work?

DiveAssure has created a way for diving professionals to make the most out of their interaction with their divers.

The DLP (Dive Leader Partner) program is a new partnership program offered by DiveAssure, tailored specifically to diving professionals. The DLP program allows you (dive masters and up) to refer divers to DiveAssure and be eligible to the best diving accident and dive-travel insurance plans and, thus, encouraging their safety while earning referral fees.

It is an incentive for you pro’s, who are mostly in touch with the students, to inform your divers about the importance of being covered fully and properly while diving – whether locally or abroad, and recommend DiveAssure’s accident and travel insurance plans. By recommending DiveAssure to your divers, you will earn 2.5% referral fees on all registrations, renewals and upgrades.

After joining as a Dive Leader Partner through a short and simple process, an account will be opened for you and you will be able to refer your divers to DiveAssure while earning.

The DLP program will integrate smoothly with MySSI, using the API between our systems. Becoming a DLP is done online easily and quickly, just a few clicks and you are done.

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    Works for the Dive Center too!

    The DLP program holds a potential for additional income for both professionals and dive centers.

    In addition to your referral fees as a DLP, Dive centers that will be/are ACTIVE DiveAssure partners will earn as well with full fees payable on all sales made by dive leaders in their employment.

    If your employing dive center already is a DiveAssure partner, they will earn full dive center fees on any referral you make. Contact us to learn how to become active partners.

    Comprehensive Dive and Travel Plans

    DiveAssure offers comprehensive insurance plans available for divers – tailored specifically for the diver’s needs. Divers (and professionals alike) enjoy comprehensive medical coverage – both locally and abroad with no depth limit and no mixed gas restrictions with DiveAssure’s DiveSafe Plan.

    The Dive&Travel plans include diving accident coverage, medical coverage, trip cancellation and interruption, lost baggage and diving gear, lost diving days due to various reasons and special coverage for liveaboard trips.

    Both short term and annual plans are available. Visit the DiveAssure website for more information about the different plans and coverage available in your area (according to residency).

    Why DiveAssure?

    We offer the most competitive rates – with special rates available exclusively through SSI

    We pay directly to service providers. You don’t have to leave a deposit, credit card or other personal guarantees

    We specialize exclusively in diving insurance and offer the most comprehensive Dive & Travel and diving accident coverage, guaranteed.

    DiveAssure was founded in the USA in 1999. Since then we have insured hundreds of thousands of divers all over the world

    We work hand in hand with Duke Dive Medicine (DDM) – the leading worldwide facility in diving medicine, providing medical supervision of diving emergencies.

    We provide 24/7 emergency and non-emergency medical hotlines with direct contact to specialists at Duke Dive Medicine.